"Let there be a community among you, who call to the good, enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. They are the ones who have success."
(Surah Al-'Imran, verse 104)

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>> Monday, January 5, 2009

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

I've been planning long time ago to do something useful to Muslims and non-muslim alike...I did plan of putting up a small Islamic reading center for interested non-muslims who wants to have a glimpse or a little idea about Islam and Muslims. I did try to ask for Muslim reading materials like booklets and brochures, even secondhand or used Islamic books from different Muslim websites, but so far only three persons replied. A Muslim sister from Cebu City,Philippines e-mailed and give me some muslim sites for my request. why.islam.com of U.S.A. did send me one envelope with some brochures and someone from Europe (if I'm not mistaken) send one daawah cd, and a brother in Egypt send me envelopes with brochures, May Almighty Allah bless them all. Sadly, in totality all i received can't open me small reading center, so for now I did put aside temporarily my reading center plan. But as i wait for that to materialize, time is wasted and I'm doing nothing. So again I search for other options...maybe I could try something like daawah online...or anything like that.I'm not good at writing and compositions, I think of online discussions, or forums ...but I don't really know where to start...okay...for now I'll try Blogging...May Almighty Allah Help me and Guide along the way...ameen.


nAsirah NasIR February 26, 2009 at 6:51 AM  

blogging is actually one of the way u can convey dakwah.. im not on writing too...n indeed im really honored to help u if u can. all the best in ur dakwah..=)

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